The OPTIMA (Organization for the Phyto‐Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean Area) Commission on Fungi

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A list of proposed activities/objectives by the members of OPTIMA Commission on Fungi is here reported: Prepare a list of local names related to wild edible mushrooms (WEM); Define a provisional catalogue of macrofungi that could be characterized as typical‐representatives of the Mediterranean region (MR); Publish a Checklist of all macrofungi occurring in the MR; Setup of a literature database on fungi occurring in the MR; Promote studies on Mediterranean fungi to be used as food and medicine, and examine their potential in other biotechnological applications (e.g. mushroom cultivation, treatment and detoxification of wastes etc.), incl. large‐scale (commercial) use; Document ethnomycological knowledge in the MR (incl. traditional use of mushrooms in localcommunities); Prepare a list of threatened fungal species (with emphasis on those of economic importance) in the MR and adopt suitable strategies for their conservation. Assess invasion and determine possible risks from alien species. Examine existinglegislation and regulations on harvesting of WEM and on quality of fungal products; Promote mycological education and disseminate fungal‐related knowledge in a wider audience; Examine existing protocols used for various experimental purposes in fungaltaxonomy (e.g. molecular systematics, phylogeny, chemotaxonomy, characterization of secondary metabolites, proximate analyses, etc.) and possibly adopt common improved approaches/techniques to deal with pertinent issues; Examine the possibilities fornetworking the Institutions of participating members in order to seek and obtain funding from the E.U. or other national and international Organizations. Assess the potential of collaboration with other Societies, SME's and/or NGO's having pertinent interests andpriorities.
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