The large area detector of LOFT: the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing

Marco Barbera, Suchy, Zampa, Fuschino, Muleri, Chris Tenzer, Rachevski, Martindale, Evangelista, Hailey, Riccardo Campana, Feldman, Di Cosimo, Bradley, Del Monte, Cadoux, Coker, Bozzo, Macera, FavreAlessandra De Rosa, Marisaldi, Christian Schmid, Ahangarianabhari, Nowak, Bertuccio, Marco Grassi, Seyler, Schmid, Andrea Santangelo, Martin Pohl, Smith, Uttley, Wilms, Wilms, Smith, Donnarumma, Argan, Perinati, Baldazzi, Petracek, Jan-Williem Den Herder, Pacciani, Nicola Zampa, Zane, Claudio Labanti, Malcovati, Soffitta, Bodin, Orlandini, Didier Barret, Cros, Jörn Wilms, Barbera, Marco Feroci, Andrea Vacchi, René Hudec, Fraser, Walton, Kennedy, Azzarello, Mineo, Winter

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LOFT (Large Observatory for X-ray Timing) is one of the five candidates that were considered by ESA as an M3 mission (with launch in 2022-2024) and has been studied during an extensive assessment phase. It is specifically designed to perform fast X-ray timing and probe the status of the matter near black holes and neutron stars. Its pointed instrument is the Large Area Detector (LAD), a 10 m2-class instrument operating in the 2-30keV range, which holds the capability to revolutionise studies of variability from X-ray sources on the millisecond time scales. The LAD instrument has now completed the assessment phase but was not down-selected for launch. However, during the assessment, most of the trade-offs have been closed leading to a robust and well documented design that will be reproposed in future ESA calls. In this talk, we will summarize the characteristics of the LAD design and give an overview of the expectations for the instrument capabilities.
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