The Italian competitiveness in the international market of the small fruits sector

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Recently, the markets globalization process has become increasingly intense leading to markets' hanges and a growth competition between companies operating on the international market. The agrifood sector among others has undergone several transformation characterized by the diffusion of modern New Technology, Information and Communication, the harmonization of regulations, and the reduction of technical barriers (Banterle and Olper, 2007). These last two changes were made due to the commercial bilateral signature or multilateral agreements. These changes have forced companies to rethink their strategies and organizational management. The Italian international agribusiness scenario plays an importance role. Many Italian agro-food products, such as wine, olive oil, bakery and confectionery industry, are nowadays well known and appreciated all over the world creating a business of considerable interest. The last years, there has been a growth interest in Italy for the small fruits cultivation because of their nutraceutical importance, the wide margins of income and the social-plane-employment. The small fruits cultivation, mainly prevalent in northern Italy, has shown a growth in recent years both in terms of area and production. This was encouraged by a growing demand of products designed to meet the needs of the confectionery industry. In fact, according to the ISTAT (2013) analysis of trade, the growth rate of imports is more sustained than the exports one. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Italy competitive position in the small fruits international market based on the recent growth of the sector and the opportunities it’s able to offer. In particular, we will study the competitiveness of Italy and other countries that have an important place at the international level in terms of production and trade using indicators widely used in the international trade literature analysis. The analysis will be based on the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) statistics concerning the small fruits production. The results of the research show the role of Italy competitiveness in the international market in one hand; and the main supply markets by type of product in another hand. Finally, the future scenarios on agricultural policies implemented recently to support the Small fruits sector in the different Italian regions are formulated.
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