The influence of industrial emissions of zinc plant on the properties of chernozem soil.

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East Kazakhstan is a storehouse of ore raw materials. Here the main ore-mining industrialobjects are concentrated. Most of these deposits and ore deposits are characterizedby polymetallic and substantially lead-zinc ore composition. When developingore deposits, the soil-vegetation cover of the territories is disturbed, andsometimes their complete destruction occurs. On the investigated object leachedand podzolized chernozems are widespread. The study of the soil cover at the territoriesadjacent to the zinc plant showed a negative impact of the plant's emissionson the soil and vegetation cover. Thus, where there is a major outflow from thewind rose, there are manifestations of deep erosion processes. The main release isactively manifested in a radius of 2 km., but the effect takes place at a distance of10-20 km. The soil cover adjacent to the zinc plant of the territory is devoid ofvegetation and subjected to erosion processes. Raws, grooves, aryks were formed,continuous washing of the upper layers of the chernozem soil into the river goeson.Studies of physical, physicochemical, chemical and biological properties of soilhave shown a negative impact of plant emissions on the main parameters of soilfertility. Thus, the granulometric composition changes due to the accumulation offine silty-silt fractions and a more compact, washable illuvial horizon is formed.The volumetric mass of degraded contaminated soils is higher than in chernozemsoils of undisturbed landscapes. Emissions of heavy metal plant destroys the compositionof organic acids, which, accordingly, affects the aggregate state. Absorbedcalcium is expelled, aggregates are destroyed and condensation occurs, especiallyin the upper horizon.The content of common humus in undisturbed landscapes in the upper horizon is6.7%. The leached chernozem eroded with a partial rinse of the humus horizon losesup to 20% of humus and contains 4.9%. Heavy metals in the soil exceed theMPC in two to ten times. The main pollutants are zinc, lead, copper. Pollution affectedthe qualitative and quantitative composition of soil biota.
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