The History of Art that grows on trees. Art experience trough drawing, re-drawing and someone else’s drawing.

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The paper tells about an art education project addressed to the students of the Faculty of Education but also to the teachers in service in schools as a reflection on the role of drawing in art education. The aim is to accompany the participants into an “immersion” within the art world, and in particular the relationship between art and nature (one of the possible attitudes of art towards nature) to overcome prejudices and stereotypes often perpetuated in the drawing education. A form of education about the look passing through a first phase of activation of the cognitive transfer, a second one of “entry” into the work of art, and ends in a third one that, through the graphic medium, the drawing, brings to a different and deeper point of view, theexperience of art.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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