The focal plane assembly for the Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit instrument

Marco Barbera, Gatti, Henk J. Van Weers, Bruijn, Jackson, Dercksen, Lam-Trong, Haas, Smith, Akamatsu, Argan, Jan Van Der Kuur, Luciano Gottardi, Macculi, Jan-Williem Den Herder, Kiviranta, Roland H. Den Hartog, Simon Bandler, Van Leeuwen, ChervenakPiro, Didier Barret, Barbera, Kilbourne

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This paper summarizes a preliminary design concept for the focal plane assembly of the X-ray Integral Field Unit on theAthena spacecraft, an imaging microcalorimeter that will enable high spectral resolution imaging and point-sourcespectroscopy. The instrument's sensor array will be a ~ 3840-pixel transition edge sensor (TES) microcalorimeter array,with a frequency domain multiplexed SQUID readout system allowing this large-format sensor array to be operatedwithin the thermal constraints of the instrument's cryogenic system. A second TES detector will be operated in closeproximity to the sensor array to detect cosmic rays and secondary particles passing through the sensor array for off-linecoincidence detection to identify and reject events caused by the in-orbit high-energy particle background. The detectors,operating at 55 mK, or less, will be thermally isolated from the instrument cryostat's 2 K stage, while shielding andfiltering within the FPA will allow the instrument's sensitive sensor array to be operated in the expected environmentduring both on-ground testing and in-flight operation, including straylight from the cryostat environment, low-energyphotons entering through the X-ray aperture, low-frequency magnetic fields, and high-frequency electric fields.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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