The existence of FGFR1-5-HT1A receptor heterocomplexes in midbrain 5-HT neurons of the rat: relevance for neuroplasticity.

Giuseppa Mudo', Natale Belluardo, Mileidys Pérez-Alea, Luigi F. Agnati, Dasiel O. Borroto-Escuela, Manuel Narvaez, Kjell Fuxe, Wilber Romero-Fernandez, Francisco Ciruela, Alexander O. Tarakanov

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The ascending midbrain 5-HT neurons to the forebrain may be dysregulated in depression and have a reduced trophic support. With in situ proximity ligation assay (PLA) and supported by coimmunoprecipitation and colocation of the FGFR1 and 5-HT1A immunoreactivities in the midbrain raphe cells, evidence for the existence of FGFR1-5-HT1A receptor heterocomplexes in the dorsal and median raphe nuclei of the Sprague Dawley rat as well as in the rat medullary raphe RN33B cells has been obtained. Especially after combined FGF-2 and 8-OH-DPAT treatment, a marked and significant increase in PLA clusters was found in the RN33B cells. Similar results were reached with the FRET technique in HEK293T cells, where TM-V of the 5HT1A receptor was found to be part of the receptor interface. The combined treatment with FGF-2 and the 5-HT1A agonist also synergistically increased FGFR1 and ERK1/2 phosphorylation in the raphe midline area of the midbrain and the RN33B cells as well as their differentiation, as seen from development of the increased number and length of extensions per cell and their increased 5-HT immunoreactivity. These signaling and differentiation events were dependent on the receptor interface since they were blocked by incubation with TM-V but not by TM-II. Together, the results indicate that the 5-HT1A autoreceptors by being part of a FGFR1-5-HT1A receptor heterocomplex in the midbrain raphe 5-HT nerve cells appear to have a trophic role in the central 5-HT neuron systems in addition to playing a key role in reducing the firing of these neurons.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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