The Ellipsoid in Orthogonal Axonometric: Homology Application

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You've long heard about ellipsoid, both from a mathematical analysis that under the geometric representative profile. However, so far no one has ever affronted the problem from the point of the application of descriptive geometry with homology. The use of homology, in fact, can make it extremely simplified and actual use of geometric tools giving the user a graphical mastery of the outcome that would otherwise be dismissed even with the use of innovative technologies of representation.Through the analysis of the proposed methodology, you can use to identify the strengths, the corresponding approvals now required between reality and projection.An ellipsoid is a closed type of quadric surface that is a higher dimensional analogue of an ellipseIf all three radii are equal, the solid body is a sphere; if two radii are equal, the ellipsoid is a spheroid: if a= b =c we have a sphere; if a= b >c we have a oblate spheroid (disk-shaped); if a= b < c we have a prolate spheroid (like a rugby ball); if a> b >c we have a scalene ellipsoid ("three unequal sides").The points (a,0,0), (0,b,0) and (0,0,c) lie on the surface and the line segments from the origin to these points are called the semi-principal axes. These correspond to the semi-major axis and semi-minor axis of the appropriate ellipses.Scalene ellipsoids are frequently called "triaxial ellipsoids", the implication being that all three axes need to be specified to define the shape.We impose constant upstream points and keys belonging to the horizontal section, is ellipsoidal and the wing generates the following transformation to time in plumes ellipsoid.I can repeat all of the assumptions made for the ball: cups, cupolas, domes, fused, areas, triangles, wedges, holes, aggregations, drums and domes above ellipsoid, lunettes, modulated compositions of elements, but also, cruises elliptical arc, etc...This is coupled to the imagination, the ellipsoid can be round, if, for example, the main section, the ellipse in projection, but it is not an ellipse circumference, in which case it is a surface and a solid rotation , the director is circular and has a generating ellipse.
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