The effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the physical and chemical quality offresh yellow plum cultivars

Francesco Sottile, Cristiana Peano, Vincenzo Girgenti, Nicole Roberta Giuggioli

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The aim of this work was to store fresh yellow plums (cvs. Sanacore and Ariddo di Core) for a maximum of 20 days at 1°C±1 and 90–95% relativehumidity (RH) using modified atmosphere (MA) technology (flowpack system). Fruits of both cultivars were sealed in baskets with six films andcompared with fruit stored under a normal atmosphere (NA). The effect of several packaging materials and several gas concentrations in modifiedatmosphere packaging (MAP) were evaluated on the postharvest quality of plums considering the weight loss, flesh texture, total soluble solids (TSS)and titratable acidity (TA). Samples were monitored at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 days. All continuous plastic films used have oxygen and carbon dioxidebarriers that produce a passive atmosphere due to the interaction of fruit respiration and packaging films. The old Italian plum cultivars evaluated canbe stored for a maximum of 10 days under NA conditions, and this period can be increased through different treatments under MAP conditions. Inthe present study, physical and chemical analyses demonstrated that the fruits of the Sanacore and Ariddo di Core plum cultivars can be successfullystored for 20 days using multilayer film (65 micron) with only slight changes in quality.
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