The battle of Konotop as recorded in Cossack chronicles

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The battle of Konotop on June 28, 1659 has gained particular resonance as a historical event in the independent Ukraine since the historical narrative has begun to be re-examined and ‘reconstructed’ in a new political climate. This has been possible since the theme of historical confrontation between Ukraine and Russia became free for discussion after many centuries of ta- boo. Interest in the subject has grown and progress in historiography may be acknowledged thanks to several new works published in recent years: these have provided a well-grounded picture of the event, while also raising a number of questions that still need to be investigated for a correct inter- pretation1.The chronicles of the Cossack period have been constantly quoted in historiographical works up to the present time. They still have both a liter- ary, and also a certain evidential value and allow details to be added to the historical mosaic. I will focus here on the description and evaluation of the Battle of Konotop in the chronicles of the Cossack nobility (starshyna), trying to analyze their content, the completeness of the information provided and the role they play in today’s research.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteThe Battle of Konotop 1659. Exploring alternatives in East European history
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