The assessment over time of the performance of jute-basalt hybrid composites for cladding panels

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The technology of dry assembly to produce multi-layer panels is an efficient alternative totraditional systems. Eco-sustainable systems are increasingly studied, particularly fiber reinforcedcomposites for external cladding, based on natural fibers. Nevertheless, durability data on thesecomposites are still lacking, being this is a really actual theme, especially for their potential use inoutdoor applications. In this way, hybridization of natural fibers with mineral fibers as basalt onesappears promising. In the present paper, the performance of jute-reinforced laminate was comparedwith those of two jute/basalt reinforced hybrid laminates. The laminates were manufactured bymeans of vacuum infusion process and then cured, varying the number of layers in order to achieveboth thickness and fiber content almost constant. In particular, not hybridized jute reinforcedcomposite is made of eight layers of jute plain weave fabric (290 g/m2 areal density). Thehybridization of jute was performed by using unidirectional basalt fabrics (300 g/m2), tomanufacture two hybrid laminates: in the first one, layers were stacked as a sandwich sequence withsix jute fiber reinforced layers as core and two basalt fiber layers as skins, for each side of thelaminate; in the second laminate, fabrics of basalt and jute fibers were alternatively stacked withbasalt fabrics as outer layers. All laminates were exposed to 4 steps of accelerated aging intoclimatic chamber, for a whole period of 84 days, by developing aging cycles of hygrothermal stressand UV radiation, reproducing the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean context of South Italy.After each step of accelerating aging, several mechanical tests (i.e., quasi-static three point bendingtests, Charpy impact tests and dynamic thermal tests) were performed according to Internationalstandards. Initial results show the effectiveness over time of produced composite laminates andinitial increase of measured performances after the 1st step of accelerated aging.
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