The ancient urban agroforestry systems of the Conca D'Oro (Palermo, Italy) need protection to defend the city

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The favorable environmental conditions together with the ancient agronomic practices, e.g.the irrigation systems introduced by the Arabs, have made the plain surrounding Palermo,known as Conca d’Oro, the unique agriculture landscape famous worldwide. Several tree andvegetable species have spread throughout in time but the new crops, instead of replacing theothers, were often integrated exploiting the different heights of the tree canopies. The resultwas the creation of complex agroecosystems characterized by orchards with several layersof trees (as walnut, loquat, citrus) and empty spaces where the farmers cultivated vegetables.The grass fed the animals in the stables while manure was returned to the fields. Now the traditionalsystem has changed (simplification, disappearance of animals, abandonment) but newfunctions, in the meantime, are attributed to these areas: air purification, high quality products,biodiversity conservation, preservation of history, and, recently, training of young farmers.The purpose of this communication is to describe the agroforestry features of today’s ConcaD’Oro system and that of the recent past and to illustrate its new functions while the city isengulfing its last agricultural areas. It is evident that, without the support and control of thepublic administration, the green spots left in the Conca D’Oro (one is indicated by the yellowarrow) will disappear and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world will be lost forever.
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