Temporal dynamic of biofilms enhances the settlement of the central-1 Mediterranean reef2 builder Dendropoma cristatum (Biondi, 1859).

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Research on marine invertebrate settlement provides baseline knowledge forrestoration technique implementation, especially for biogenic engineers with limiteddispersion ability. Previously, we determined that the maturity of a biofilm stronglyenhances the settlement of the vermetid reef-builder Dendropoma cristatum . In orderto elucidate which biofilm features support a higher settlement of this species, weanalyse the structure and composition of a marine biofilm over time, throughmicroscopic observations, eukaryotic and prokaryotic fingerprinting analyses and 16SrDNA Illumina sequencing.The vermetid settlement temporal increase matched with the higher biofilm extent onthe substratum and the eukaryotic abundance and diversity reduction. The prokaryoticspecific composition increases the similarity with the reef-associated biofilm over time.Vermetids may gather these differences and selectively settle on those biofilms havingan advantageous structure and composition.These outcomes may support the production of ideal substrates for vermetidcolonisation and their further translocation to repopulate degraded reefs.
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RivistaMarine Environmental Research
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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