Template electrosynthesis of aligned Cu2O nanowiresPart I. Fabrication and characterization

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Large arrays of aligned copper oxide nanowires were produced by electrodeposition, using anodic aluminamembranes as template. We have studied the effect of two fundamental parameters involved infabrication process: potential perturbation and bath composition. Performing electrodeposition from acopper acetate/sodium acetate bath (pH 6.5), we found that chemical composition of nanowires variedin dependence on the shape of the applied potential perturbation: pure copper oxide nanowires wereproduced by pulsed potential, whilst continuous electrodeposition resulted in a co-deposition of Cu andCu2O. In a copper lactate bath, buffered at pH 10, the shape of perturbation did not influence the chemicalcomposition of nanowires, consisting of pure copper oxide. Besides, bath composition influenced thecrystallographic structure of nanowires: in the acetate bath polycrystalline nanowires, having a maximumlength of about 2.5m,were obtained whilst in the lactate electrolyte Cu2O nanowires with a preferentialorientation along the (2 0 0) plane were deposited. In every case, nanowire diameters were uniform withan average value of about 200 nm. Growth rate of nanowires was influenced by the shape of potentialpulse.
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