Tell Shiyukh Tahtani. New light on the Bronze Age sequence.

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This report briefly describes the latest results of the Italian rescue excavations atShiyukh Tahtani on the Upper Syrian Euphrates. Fieldwork continued on the easternslope of the mound, aiming to further investigate the Bronze Age levels. A main operation,halfway down the slope, focused upon the earliest MB I layers, where a groupof burials was unearthed, mostly consisting of adult interments in oval pits and childpot burials. A most striking finding was the ‘Spinstress tomb’. At the foot of the slope,the exploration of a mud-brick compound, dating back to the early third millenniumBC, continued. Here further remarkable evidence of massive domestic architecture ina fine Mesopotamian tradition was unveiled: its associated finds and intra-mural burialssuggest a LC-EB transition showing that the site was quite active right after the collapseof the Uruk ‘colonies’ on the Syrian Euphrates.
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