Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of a basin generated by transpression: the case of the Early PlioceneLascari basin (Northern Sicily)

Giuseppe Avellone, Mauro Agate, Calogero Gugliotta, Carmelo Gennaro

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Integrated stratigraphy and structural analysis carried out in the Madonie Mts. (Northern Sicily) is aimed tothe description of a syn-sedimentary tectonic event, recorded in a small infra-pliocene basin restricted to theLascari Syncline core. The onset and evolution of the basin was driven by transpressive tectonics, generatinga lens-shaped, deep and narrow tectonic depression, bounded by steep and high, tectonically controlledslopes, also reflected in the present-day topography of the area. During the genesis of the basin, the tectoniccontrol interferes with a dramatic sea level oscillation during the Messinian-Early Pliocene time interval.In this paper, the syn-tectonic deposits of the Lascari basin are studied using both stratigraphicsedimentologymethods and the structural analysis, also considering the deformations affecting theunderlying bedrock. The EW trending Lascari Syncline, where the Pliocene syn-tectonic basin is hosted,belongs to a system of north verging folds, deforming the pre-existing, originally flat thrusts , generated inLanghian-Serravallian time at shallower crustal levels. The growth geometry that characterizes the stratalpattern of the Pliocene succession and its basal angular unconformity suggest that the activity of thetranspressional event, generating the basin, started at least during the Messinian continuing through the EarlyPliocene.The geometry and the style of deformation of the northward vergent structures, recognized in the study area,are coherent with other, coeval tectonic features of the NW portion of the Sicilian Fold and Thrust Belt,previously recognized by other Authors. A similar genesis and tectonic evolution can be thereforehypothesised for other Messinian-Pliocene basins, occurring in the same region.Basins generated in a transtensional tectonic framework are widely described in the international literature; here we describe an example of a sedimentary basin, generated at the core of syncline related totranspressional tectonics.
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RivistaBasin Research
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009


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