Teachers and Students Surfing Together

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Several studies regarding the integration of audio-video conferencing and instant messaging in university and professional courses (Isaacs et al. 1994; Scholl et al.,2006) have revealed the importance of these two resources in enhancing interaction. Other studies (Boset al. 2001) have pinpointed that, in building trust, audio-video communication can reach the highest levels of effectiveness and liking (Schliemann, et al. 2002). Web-conference has made the web a powerful interactive tool, facilitating collaboration on joint projects and enabling the development of educational settings which lead to meaningful learning (Gillani, 2003). Such interactive modes in a blended-learning environment, such as contemporary and shared browsing, enable the attainment of high-level skills with greater effectiveness and efficiency (Aneiros, et al.2003). In order to support these integrated activities, we would like to propose a system – DIDASKALOS - which allows users to coordinate shared navigation services and synchronous communication functions in audio, video and text, via means of appropriate architecture. Research into this system will verify whether synchronous interaction activities carried out through the use of Didaskalos may: a) facilitate in-depth study of specific topics, thanks to the contribution of audio and video support; b) help users navigate simultaneously on the web; and c) facilitate simultaneous research into student-produced materials, with the aim of the immediate correction and verification of learning products. Thus, in order to facilitate meaningful learning and students’ self-evaluation, the objectives of this research are the development of good practice and, on the other hand, the improvement of relations between students and the teaching team, thereby providing insights and clarification regarding the course topics and contents. The research in this paper is a pilot study, involving a small group of students. Expected results are: the consolidation and implementation of reflection skills deployed in the learning process; andmethodological innovation, involving students much more than traditional on-line interaction.
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