Survey on knowledge, attitudes and practices of Italian Resident of Public Health towards influenza vaccination

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Background: Public Health Residents (PHRs) have to be considered of relevant interest among health care workers (HCWs) since they are strongly asked to recommend and perform influenza vaccination to other HCWs and general population. Despite this consideration, Italian HCWs have influenza vaccination rates significantly below the 75% coverage proposed by International Public Health guidelines. In order to increase future coverage towards influenza vaccination, the aim of this study is to assess determinants associated with influenza vaccine uptake among Italian PHR.Methods: A survey was carried out on PHRs attending 25 out 32 Post-Graduate University training programmes on Public Health in Italy (78.1%). Each participant was interviewed through an anonymous self-administered questionnaire including questions on knowledge, attitudes and practices dealing with influenza and influenza vaccination. Each questionnaire included five sections and twenty items. The questionnaire answers were entered in a database created within EpiInfo 3.5.1 software. All the data were analyzed using the R statistical software package.Results: The response rate was 80.1% (365/456). Vaccination coverage was 22.2% for seasonal 2010-2011 influenza, 33,7% for seasonal 2011-2012 influenza. Medical residents who stated they were vaccinated against seasonal 2010-2011 influenza were significantly more likely to be vaccinated against 2011–2012 seasonal influenza (OR 42.07; 95% CI: 19,4 – 94,2). Vaccination against seasonal 2010-2011 influenza (p < 0.0001), and seasonal 2011-2012 influenza (p <0.0001) were significantly more frequent in PHRs who were vaccinated more than three times in the previous five influenza seasons. Finally, PHRs who stated they participated to vaccination campaigns among general population were significantly more likely to be vaccinated against 2010–2011 (OR 3.19; 95% CI: 1.91 – 5.33) and 2011-2012 (OR 2.91; 95% CI: 1.82 – 4.64) seasonal influenza.Conclusions: Influenza vaccine uptake among PHRs is more an habit than a ethical and professional responsibility. According to Italian PHRs multidisciplinary learning pathways (48.2%) and a better university training (23.3%) may implement vaccination knowledges in order to modify the current PHR attitudes to recommend influenza vaccination and to increase HCWs coverage and responsibility.
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