Supernova 1987A: a Template to Link Supernovae to Their Remnants

Marco Miceli, Pumo, Bocchino, Orlando, Miceli

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The emission of supernova remnants (SNRs) reflects the properties ofboth the progenitor supernovae (SNe) and the surrounding environment.The complex morphology of the remnants, however, hampers thedisentanglement of the two contributions. Here, we aim at identifyingthe imprint of SN 1987A on the X-ray emission of its remnant and atconstraining the structure of the environment surrounding the SN. Weperformed high-resolution hydrodynamic simulations describing SN 1987Asoon after the core-collapse and the following three-dimensionalexpansion of its remnant between days 1 and 15,000 after the SN. Wedemonstrated that the physical model reproducing the main observables ofSN 1987A during the first 250 days of evolution also reproduces theX-ray emission of the subsequent expanding remnant, thus bridging thegap between SNe and SNRs. By comparing model results with observations,we constrained the explosion energy in the range 1.2-1.4 \times10$^51$ erg and the envelope mass in the range 15-17M$_⊙$. We found that the shape of X-ray lightcurves andspectra at early epochs ($\lt$15 years) reflects the structure of outerejecta: our model reproduces the observations if the outermost ejectahave a post-explosion radial profile of density approximated by a powerlaw with index $\alpha$ = -8. At later epochs, the shapes of X-raylightcurves and spectra reflect the density structure of the nebulaaround SN 1987A. This enabled us to ascertain the origin of themulti-thermal X-ray emission, disentangle the imprint of the SN on theremnant emission from the effects of the remnant interaction with theenvironment, and constrain the pre-supernova structure of the nebula.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015

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