Superfici materiche nella percezione della scena urbana

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Urban scene perception: architectural surfaces. The transformation dynamics of the ancient towns are changing the urban landscape of the historical countries in the Parco delle Madonie. The mostsuperficial part of material constitutes the image of the architectures and plays a meaningful role in theperception of the historical districts that still characterize the natural reserve, but the aptitude for destroying architectural finishes and deleting superficial patina involves therefore altering the character of the old towns irreversibly.It had to be obvious it would have been essential to conserve the authentic materials and signs of timethat denote the historical authenticity of towns, but new plaster surfaces have been frequently applied on ancient architecture façades after the destruction of material stratifications.The generalized destruction of the historical finishing surfaces is usually carried out to try an illusory return to the lost origins through a restoration conception as a matter of fact distorted by political and economic interests of various kind, all but cultural.The essay reveals all the theoretical and methodological groundlessness of the façade re-plastering and critically introduces some fundamental reflection addressed to the implementation of an active protection of ancient town and their cultural and geographical context.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMadonie, Madonie. Divagazioni sull'habitat contemporaneo
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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