Suolo, architettura e paesaggio

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Rural-urban intersections looks like a discussion around a large table about the results of some previous researches carried out by the author. Italian and foreign university professors involved respond to Luciana Macaluso outlining a framework on the wide and elusive theme of landscape. «The technique of the interview, ennobled by the journalistic scope, became academic method used in the social sciences, history and many other disciplines; even psychoanalysis is based on a, even if more elaborate, question-answer scheme. Typically, it is used to gather information, provided through an oral testimony. It becomes available with transcriptions or recordings, in the form of statements, reports and stories. The authenticity, the authority and the subjectivity are central features of this method of documentation. The data collected are sources that you can cite and refer as evidence in favour». At first, in this work, the interviews, more than a new source, are like the wires of a sieve that allow us to evaluate the contents of previous researches, used as scientific bases of the dialogues, making these assumptions more interesting. On the screen mesh, between various propositions, some valuable stone remains and the vain sand falls down. In light of this metaphor, we should remember that more or less important particles and pebbles have been acquired, in all those researches, through extensive archival investigations, skilful drawings, various surveys but, above all, thanks to a relentless architectural and landscape design activity.
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