Sulla coturnice raffigurata nel quadro di Antonello da Messina “San Gerolamo nello studio”

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Pictorial work of Antonello da Messina during the Sicilian period (1455-60) isconsidered less fruitful and less mature than during his stay in Venice (c. 1474-1476).While some art critics consider the painting “Saint Jerome in the study” a work of thefirst period, others believe that it was carried out during the Venice period. The Authorsanalysed the plumage characters of the Rock Partridge (Alectoris graeca) depicted withsymbolic significance in the painting, to try the identification of the population whichthe subject used as model could belong to. However, they conclude that identification asSicilian as well as Alpine Rock Partridge is doubtful and in this case the plumage of thebird depicted does not help to resolve the controversy of painting dating.
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