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Suicides, dramatic events like few others, have always been a challenge for the sociological imagination. If Emile Durkheim haddemonstrated the explanatory skills of sociology, constructionist sociologies - and, in particular, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology,phenomenology - have operated the showdown with positivist approaches. The essays that we present here offer a summa of great interestof the original ways in which constructionist sociologies have re-imagined the study of suicides by going beyond the rigidity of the "causeand care ”of positivist approaches and enriching ours with nuances understanding of the phenomenon. Faced with a sociological panorama forto whom the study of suicide is still synonymous with Durkheimian analysis e of statistical data, the texts offered in Italian translation illustrate the inventiveness methodological and interpretative of constructionist sociologies and their ability to illuminate new aspects, among all the socially constructed nature suicides and the individual's ability to project meaning beyond death.
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EditorePM Edizioni
Numero di pagine229
ISBN (stampa)978-88-31222-65-5
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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