Su alcuni proconsoli d’Asia all’epoca di Marco Aurelio (168-173): Kaisergeschichte e Kirchengeschichte tra fonti letterarie ed epigrafiche.

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A confrontation between epigraphic and literary sources is necessary to reconstruct the proconsular list of Asia for the mid reign of Marcus Aurelius (168-173 AD): in those years the province Asia was directly involved in Marcus' wars against barbarian raiders, especially the bellum Germanicum et Sarmaticum on the Danube (169-175) and the raids of Costobocs in the Balkans and Bastarnae in Anatolia (170-171). Therefore the imperial government ordered supplementary recruitments and new taxes. At the same time, the New Prophecy of Montanus, an apocalyptic Christian movement, broke out in Phrygia and Lydia (171-172) and the bishop of Laodikeia on the Lykos, Sagaris, was sentenced to death. These were the main emergencies that the Roman proconsuls of Asia were requested to face in the early Seventies of the 2nd cent. AD.
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