Studi preliminari sulla propagazione gamica e vegetativa di Hypericum perforatum in ambiente mediterraneo

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The knowledge of the factors that can influence the propagation of a plant species is a key factor in the pointing out of strategies for its mass multiplication and cropping, both in open field and in controlled conditions. Some aspects of sexual multiplication of Hypericum perforatum (dealing with a generally low seed germinability) have been studied, firstly verifying the best seed germination conditions, in relation to temperature, growth substrate, pre-chilling and presence/absence of PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). Furthermore, the potentialities of vegetative multiplication for the species were studied, with the aim to suggest this technique alternatively to the use of seeds. The trial about vegetative multiplication was performed picking up semi-woody cuttings from 2-years-old H. perforatum individuals. The cuttings were put for rooting into three different substrates, with and without the use of a rooting hormone (NAA – Naphtalenacetic acid). The rooting rate of cuttings was evaluated, and the produced roots were counted and measured as for length and fresh and dry weight. The results obtained have shown the positive effect of pre-chilling on the germination percent in all experimental conditions, whereas the trial about vegetative propagation has shown a different roots emission rate with varying the used substrate.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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