Struttura galleggiante ad elevata stabilità (Floating structure with high stability)

Carlo Lo Re (Inventor), Costanza Arico' (Inventor), Massimiliano Monteforte (Inventor), Giovanni Battista Ferreri (Inventor)

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DESCRIPTIONThe novel floating structure is composed by a number of modular elements linked to each other. Modular composition allows one to give the structure the length imposed by the specific needs to be satisfied. Typical applications of the innovative floating structure are landing stages, pedestrian or cycle paths on stretches of water, and in general works aimed at allowing movement of people, goods and/or vehicles between points of a stretch of water (seaside or lake one) by using floating structures. Each module, 10-15 m long, is kept afloat by the Archimedes force on its submerged parts (i.e., the hulls), that in the innovative structure is always higher than the module total weight (mass displacement). The module is restrained in the chosen position by moorings and links to the adjoining modules.The innovation introduced is that, unlike floating structures usually employed, the hulls are placed at a depth of a few metres, in order to keep them always fully submerged despite free surface fluctuation due to wave motion. As a result, the Archimedes force keeps constant even in choppy sea condition, so improving structure stability.ADVANTAGESHigher stability of the floating structure, in practice, turns into noticeable mitigation of jolt, pitching and rolling, the typical movements of the traditional floating structures, which in the novel structure are due only to in-depth water stir (i.e., to the turbulence) but not to the free surface fluctuation. This important characteristic, with respect to the structures commonly used, allows: 1) the innovative floating structure to be used even in less sheltered water, provided the stretch of water is not exposed to heavy sea, and (2) a longer yearly time of use.Moreover, the possibility to construct the structure by lighter modules that can be easily disassembled (as in a few structural sketches considered by the inventors) allows easier land transport and possible warehousing of the module parts during downtime. SUGGESTED APPLICATIONSThe main fields of employment of the innovative structure are: 1) landing stages for limited tonnage boats, typically pleasure and fishing boats; 2) gangways for crossing of stretches of water; 3) floating paths for promenade and free-time or competitive sport activities (such as running, cycling, etc.); 4) other situations where reaching of a point inside a stretch of water, on foot or by "terrestrial" vehicles, is required. The peculiar characteristics of the novel floating structure, with respect to the traditional-type structures, allow its wider employment in terms of both use in less sheltered stretches of water and working season lengthening.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015


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