Structuring didactic materials on the Web (Struct)

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There is an universal agreement that the structuring of didacticmaterials helps the student in his/her learning process whendealing with such materials. It is then important for the teacher ora student to choose among different structures so to use the onethat best conveys the desired knowledge. This need is nowadays apriority also in the e-learning world since several e-learningcourses exist on the web and many more are created every day.Unfortunately, most of the existing e-learning platforms offer justa single way to organize the course contents (book structure).Whoever is interested in organizing the course contents in adifferent way (e.g, with a concept map) must use specific toolsthat are external to the e-learning environment and are oftendifficult to use.This work presents the details of the tool we have created toovercome the problems and limitations presented above. We haveimplemented an on-line application, called STRUCT, that allowsteachers and students to easily publish didactic materials on theweb and to organize them by choosing the most appropriatestructure among different alternatives. STRUCT has been built ina way to be easily integrated inside the most popular e-learningplatforms such as Moodle or ATutor.
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