Structural Characterization of Isomeric Dimers from the Oxidative Oligomerization of Catechol with a Biomimetic Catalyst

Pellegrino Conte, Alessandro Piccolo, Daniela Šmejkalová

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In a previous paper, it has been reported about the formation of catechol di-, tri- and tetramers within an oxidative polymerization catalyzed by synthetic water-soluble iron-porphyrin as an efficient alternative to bio-labile natural peroxidase. It has also been demonstrated the occurrence of both C-C and C-O-C coupling mechanisms. However, since the coupling products were determined by mass spectroscopy, the exact bonding position could not have been precisely ascertained for the C-C bonded isomeric dimers that are the dominant products of catechol oligomerization. Therefore, here isolation and characterization of catechol isomeric dimers, obtained by oxidative coupling under the catalysis of a synthetic iron-porphyrin, have been done by NMR spectroscopy
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007


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