Strength and ductility of confined concrete columns under axial load and biaxial bending

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The behaviour of prismatic reinforced concrete columns under increasing eccentric compression load wasexperimentally investigated and analytically modelled. Columns with distributed longitudinal reinforcement andclosely spaced transverse reinforcement were tested up to failure, considering different values and directions ofeccentricity. Preliminary tests were carried out under concentric compression in order to validate the choice ofthe stress-strain laws adopted for the confined concrete and the longitudinal steel bars in compression. In thepaper, closed form expressions able to approximate the experimental results in the case of uniaxial bending arepresented. Finally, a fibre numerical model is utilized for the cases of biaxial bending. The results show thereliability of the analytical models and suggest further studies to relate analytically the components of ultimatebending moment and curvature, in the cases of biaxial bending, to the values corresponding to two separate casesof uniaxial bending under the same level of compression.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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