Straw as a contemporary biomaterial: energetic efficiency and enviromental sustanaibility

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This work is aimed to report the worldwide studies, researches and applications, paying attention to energy efficiency and housing comfort. Reducing, recycling and reusing are the main objectives in choosing straw as a construction material, allowing to adopt a methodological approach that could take in consideration the whole building life-cycle.Starting from the history of straw’s use in construction, many examples of buildings using such a material within their shell and body will be reported. Furthermore, the main characteristics will be investigated, revealing the excellent mechanical, energy and insulation performance, also in terms of durability (i.e. some early-XX century buildings use straw technology are still inhabited). In such a new culture, all the people involved in construction (architects, engineers, customers, contractors, etc.) contribute in a synergicand integrated way to the realization of an efficient built environment: respectful of the local characters and competitive in terms of management and maintenance costs.Furthermore, the Kyoto protocol and the recent national and European regulations objectives might be easily achieved.Finally, use of straw in construction, beyond contributing in fighting the energetic and environmental emergency, has some interesting consequences also in the agricultural sector as it would allow the disposal and transformation in useful resources of the great amount of such a material produced in the cereal industry.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteSustainability and Innovation for the future
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016


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