Strategie per la valorizzazione delle città-paese nelle aree interne della Sicilia

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The crisis of small settlements (especially in inland areas that are very fragile) requires a large-scale reasoning to be able to develop new visions and build a new citizenship. The possibility of operating on a wide territory becomes the premise for the method and operability of the project, recognizing that the fragmented territories and the specific resources (even of great historical and cultural value) are no longer able to generate processes. Only the hypothesis of a large-scale spatial redevelopment, the determination of a network or series of real nodes (which are places and spaces that then lead to work on micro-landscapes) can prefigure a new spatiality and support economic regeneration, cultural growth, the assumption of a new social awareness. The vision leads to a new city, which is not a physical space but a new form of organization in the modern territory of mobility. The contribution makes use of a research experience in the inland areas of Sicily.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteSmall towns…from problem to resource. Sustainable strategies for the valorization of building, landscape and cultural heritage in inland areas / I centri minori … da problema a risorsa. Strategie sostenibili per la valorizzazione del patrimonio edilizio, paesaggistico e culturale nelle aree interne
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