Stochastic analysis of motorcycle dynamics

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Off-road and racing motorcycles require a particular setup of the suspensions to improve thecomfort and the safety of the rider, maintaining a continuous contact between the road and themotorcycle (by means of the tires). Further, because of the ground roughness, in the case of offroadmotorcycle, suspensions usually experience extreme and erratic excursions (suspensionstroke) in performing their function. In this regard, the adoption of nonlinear devices can,perhaps, limit both the acceleration experienced by the sprung mass and the excursions of thesuspensions. This leads to the consideration of asymmetric nonlinearly-behaving suspensions.This option, however, induces the difficulty of the need to solve nonlinear differential equationsgoverning the motion of the motorcycle as excited by the stochastic road ground profile. In thispaper a “quarter” dynamic model of a motorcycle is considered. The model involves suspensionelements with asymmetric behavior. Further, it is assumed that the motorcycle is exposed toloading of a stochastic nature as it moves with a specified speed over a road profile defined by arelevant power spectrum. It is shown that a meaningful analysis of the motorcycle response canbe conducted by using the technique of statistical linearization. The validity of the proposedapproach is established by comparison with results from pertinent Monte Carlo studies. It ishoped that the proposed approach can be used for a variety of parameter/ride quality studies andas preliminary design tool by the motorcycle industry.
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