Stazioni nuove di Euphorbia hypericifolia (Euphorbiaceae) e di Phyllanthus tenellus(Phyllanthaceae) in Sicilia

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New localities for Euphorbia hypericifolia (Euphorbiaceae) and Phyllanthus tenellus (Phyllanthaceae) in Sicily – Two new adventive plants, Euphorbia hypericifolia (Euphorbiaceae) and Phyllanthus tenellus (Phyllanthaceae), are reported in the Palermo’s urban area. These two taxa belonging to closely related families were both already known from the province of Messina (E. Sicily), the first one near the Messina town, the second near Taormina. The new localities expand toward west the Sicilian distribution of the two taxa, so that these appear to likely occur in other urban contexts of the island. Finally, as far as the accession road to the island is concerned, the- se two aliens – that have not yet been recorded in the rest of the Italian territory could have been introduced as plantlets or seeds included in pots of ornamental plants imported from foreign countries.
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Volume26 (2015)
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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