Sport organizations and crime: indissoluble binomial? A sociological and economic analysis for possible solutions

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The fundamental principles which should guide the activities of football teams are contaminated by criminal phenomena that produce, as the main effect, the loss of confidence from the fans. The reasons of the crisis of credibility in the sports organizations are both economic and social. This seems paradoxical in light of the circumstances under which: under the social profile has demonstrated a negative correlation between sport and widespread crime; under economic profile, the soccer is the one sport that is characterized by consistent and staggering increases in turnover.Modern society facilitates the scenario described above, because it is fragmented and characterized by dynamic processes, and this causes the absence of standards shared by different subsystems capable of orienting behaviors. The weight is due to the weakening of ethics and values as well as traditional reference points of the laws, does not always live up to respond to today's problems. For the effects of complex metamorphosis in place, we had to develop new paradigms, values and possible strategies or solutions involving: processes, changes and future scenarios in the world of sport.With this paper, we identify some causes of deviant behavior within the football organizations. The question aims to discover the cognitive mechanisms of defense by budding and spread of criminal events in the world of football. The survey integrated sociological and economic-business can help to recognize the “levers”, the tools and the operational mechanisms which should be considered to avoid the demonstration and dissemination of criminal phenomena in sport organizations.The methodological approach, such as type and quantity, gives priority to economic and sociological perspectives. The analysis will be conducted through case studies, thus it is considered more significant go through the tracks of the phenomenon under study.
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