Spettacoli e feste popolari in Sicilia

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The traditional theatrical performance is the place and time in which we come together to witness a narration, the exhibition and the reaffirmation of shared principles and values. An opportunity therefore only outwardly profane, since civic history, legend, historical fact always hold asacral value by declining that collective ethics that finds its foundation and legitimacy in religion. In turn, the "feast", primarily a religious feast, an elective occasion for men to meet with their Madonnas, their Christs and their Saints, with the tutelary deities of the community and guarantors of its continuity over time, a moment of cult and of faith intimately lived, it is also a "spectacle"; First of all, because this faith must be externally represented and observed by others; who are the other members of the community (all those with whom one has parental, friendly and working relationships in different hierarchical positions, the civic authorities, the clergy themselves) but also, and above all, the Saints, immanent figures in everyday life through words and images , which in the party, through their plastic and figurative representations, become alive and tangible presences.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteOralità e scrittura: i teatri della rappresentazione e della comunicazione. Logiche scientifiche e logiche affettive per i settant’anni di Ambrogio Artoni
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