Some reflections on Fuzzy Set Theory as an Experimental Science

Marco Elio Tabacchi, Settimo Termini, Marco Elio Tabacchi, Settimo Termini

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The aim of this paper is to open a critical discussion on the claim, recently presented in the community and especially heralded by Enric Trillas, that fuzzy logic should be seen as an “experimental science”. The first interesting aspect of such remark is whether and in which way such position has consequences on the real development of the research, or if it is simply a (different) way of looking at the same phenomenon. As a consequence, we investigate the possible connection to Zadeh’s distiction between Fuzzy logic in a restricted sense and in a general sense. We shall argue that Trillas’s claim not only strongly supports the necessity for such a distinction, but provides a path of investigation which can preserve the conceptual innovativeness of the notion of fuzziness.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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