Solunto: la casa del Ginnasio

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The particular characteristics of the archaeological area of Solunto, its importance in history, but especially the lack of an appropriate enhancement are the correct motivation to use the potential offered by new technologies for better enjoyment, protection and enhancement of the archaeological site. The work presented describes the documentation with an integrated approach on the archaeological site of Solunto and after a comprehensive analysis, attention is poured specifically on the topic of three-dimensional modeling on part of an isolated Home gymnasium, including buildings with different functional units (housing, shops). The project aims to denote, through the shapes produced, a reconfiguration that does not want to propose tout court a reconfiguration, albeit brief, nor a total invention, free, autonomous and to satisfy the mandatory requirements of modern life, but wants to discern from an investigation-continuous verification artifact to be preserved, providing a possible iconography. Allow the visitor to be able to read the flooring and the walls like on a plant, but a space in three dimensions, which gives an idea of the volume and of indoor and outdoor spaces. The study, by Markus Wolf, home to the peristyle of Solunto known as Gymnasium, born from a collaboration project between the German Archaeological Institute in Rome and the Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali e Ambientali di Palermo, required many years of patient work on the field and was conducted with unquestionable scientific rigour, therefore, represents an important starting point for the detailed analysis of the architectural complex and a good base for the 3D representation. A review of all the architectural elements related to sumptuous House — originally embellished with wall paintings and mosaic floors — and, therefore, a proper reading of the building complex will be able to formulate a reconstructive hypothesis.Trying to understand under what remains today and the study of sources like could be the object of study. So you get a proposal, but did not claim to be the true and only reconstruction.
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