Solar cooling: study on the technical-economic feasibility of a plant in a hotel.

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Solar air conditioning allows more energy savings than air conventionalconditioning plants. Just like the thermal solar systems for heat production destinedto large consumers, solar air conditioning represents a technology that turns out tobe economically more favorable. Its employment for the summer air conditioning ofbuildings represents today an ulterior and very interesting field of application. Thisarticle shows the results of a study on the technical-economic feasibility of a solarcooling plant realized in a hotel in South Italy. Just like the air conditioning loadproduced by electric power, hot water produced by thermal solar plants has aperiodic character which, in both cases, is higher in the summer period. Thecoincidence on a yearly base of these two factors makes solar cooling particularlyinteresting both from the environmental and economic point of view, involving apossible future and natural drop of the plant set-up costs. Greater accessibility to theavailable technical opportunities and, above all, to the incentives for the necessaryinvestments could accelerate the development of this remarkably interestingtechnology.
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