Soil Cadastre in Italy for Sustainable Development: the Urban Soil Cadastre (the Second Branch)

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The description of the second branch of the Land Cadastre concludeswith the description of the structure of the new inventory Land Cadastre.The principles applied are always the same: computer node where all theinformation present in the various municipal, regional, state, reclamationconsortia and research centres can be entered. The scheme used ineach branch of the structure is that of the current Cadastre. In this workthe guide is the Urban or Buildings with the two elements the ParticleMap Sheet and the Cadastral Certificate. The cultural intensificationis the first step and concerns both the cartographic part and the areasof the condominiums outside the buildings, and the particles createdrepresenting the streets, squares, junctions of the urban agglomerations.This branch also includes all communication routes such as: stations andrailway lines, airports, motorways and service stations, and various roads.Within each territory are identified the particles of the Urban Land Cadastrecharacterized by uniformity in terms of environment, territory anduse and management. In addition to the units, there are the sub-parcelunits indicated with a progressive Arabic subscript number. The inclusionof all the properties of the parcel in the current certificate allowsthe transition to that of Urban Soil. At that point it becomes multifunctionalbecause it can be used by all professionals in the area, by the landmanager and to assess the sustainability of uses (main objective of thenew inventory). Sustainable uses can be easily disseminated because it ispossible to communicate with those who manage the use. Sustainability is linked to the landscape, local slow tourism and by converting the use offossil fuels with renewable energies (valorising natural resources such asthe sun) in condominiums, industries, shopping centres and public administrations,it is possible to create the least onerous management andmore competitive businesses and therefore able to conquer national andinternational markets. All this leads to an improvement in the liveabilityand security of urban areas
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