Soil and pedomesofauna relationships under different forests on a western slope of Etna Volcano

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Although the pedofauna influences the processes of pedogenesis and has an important role in the mainfunctional properties of the soil, it has rarely been used as a key-element in defining soil quality. As has beenstressed, this is due to the fact that the utility of pedofauna as a soil quality indicator is a function of thedefinition of soil quality which, in turn, depends on different functions, both biotic and abiotic, performed bythe soil. If we consider the biological functions of vegetal, animal and microbiotic activity, the usefulness ofthe pedofauna, as a diagnostic element of soil quality, reaches its maximum since it is one of the indicators ofthe biodiversity.Previous work on soil fauna, dealt with the whole fauna both of litter and mineral horizons, and untilnow the analyses on invertebrate communities in different horizons of a soil profile are fairly rare.The aim of this study was a) consider the diversity and activity of some selected Orders of the mesofaunain some forest Andisols, in relation to the sampling period, the soil horizons and tree species; b) define therelationships between the whole mesofauna and some selected parameters of soil quality, particularly thecation exchange capacity and the organic matter content.
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