Soglie XXL. Sigle dei programmi televisivi sul dimagrimento

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TV show opening credits can be considered as frames which delimit the borders of a filmic text. Theyaim at advising and attracting the audience by highlighting specific aspects of the program. In doingthat, opening credits as well as other forms of intros activate specific styles of relationship between theinstances of production and reception of texts. They can be considered acts of enunciation throughwhich the enunciator establishes its own discourse and gives instructions to the enunciatee about thetext. In this paper we will analyze these so called “paratexts”, in particular by focusing on the introsequences of some weight loss TV programs from the Italian television schedule. The main themes ofthe collective imagery about obesity and alimentation (images of the body, the role of the experts, themorality) will be discussed and presented by these short introducing texts.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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