Sistemi di tariffe di cubatura per le fustaie di pino d'Aleppo, pino laricio e pino domestico della Sicilia

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The aim of this study is to set up one-way volume table series to predict stemvolume of the main conifers in Sicily, namely Italian stone pine, Aleppo pine andCorsican pine. For each species the relationships between height and tree diameter atbreast height (dbh) resulted well represented by the semilogarithmic function, whichwas established as «guide line» of the height-diameter relationship. Adapting eachheight - dbh series according to the inclination of the «guide line», a set of isomorphicSISTEMI DI TARIFFE PER LE CONIFERE DELLA SICILIA 127128 L’ITALIA FORESTALE E MONTANAheight curves was obtained for each species. Corresponding volume series was obtainedfrom each height series on the basis of National Forestry Inventory volume tables. Onewayvolume table series are of considerable usefulness in the context of forestmanagement since they represent estimation tools with flexible application at differentlevels of forest management.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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