Simulation with a torque Dynamometer of Pollutants Emission from Vehicles near Urban Cross-Road

Armando La Pica, Luigi Pignato

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    Nowadays, the influence of the vehicular traffic on the degradation of urban atmosphere is focused on by researchers belonging to different fields in view of itsprime importance for public health. The control of exhaust gases emission is primary in order to keep air pollution below the specified limits of the laws in force. In previous works the “medium car”characterises a country in modelling a pollutant in urban areas. This is the central parameter of a forecasting model proposed by Pignato and LoMastro, of pollutant concentration near urbancross-road with traffic lights in continue queue and platoon flow.The proofs have been carried on two classes of displacement vehicles and four classes of age considering the circulating park. We have found the trend of the pollutants emission vs. rpm in the phase of “acceleration” and in the phase of “stopping and deceleration”. Applying the model proposed it is possible forecast the maximum concentration of the considered pollutant in platoon flow near urban crossroad with traffic light, without the bus presence.The "medium car", is the fictitious vehicle polluting like that real one of the platoon most probable composition. In steady-state conditions, the vehicular traffic is governed by stoppages at crossroad assuming the pattern of a "platoon flow", or crossing by "platoons". Any vehicle of the platoon undergoes the following kinematics phases: entering the queue, deceleration within the queue, waiting and starting from rest.With the laboratory equipment of AMAT" Azienda Municipalizzata AutoTrasporti" of Palermo, supplied with a torque dynamometer and necessary instrumentation, we measured the emission of some pollutants, as CO, NOx, emitted from vehicles submitted to the phases and conditions above described
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    PaginePaper n° 2002-01-2172-Paper n° 2002-01-2172
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    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2002


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