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The scenario for this projects is the Sicily of the coming future years. Three of the projects are developed in the much destroyed, yet wonderful historic center of Palermo on the northern coast of Sicily, the fourth is developed in Agrigento ionn the southern coast of Sicily, a world-known archeological site. It is a place in which in which, enormous masses of people will land:-On one hand mass tourism, with its overwhelming increase, will bring people in the North – mainly Palermo – and they will often travel to the south to visit the relics of Magna Grecia – mainly in Agrigento; -similarly an enormous mass of desperate people will land overnight in the south coast of Sicily and they will take the same route but the other way round, heading to Palermo searching for a job or stopping just temporarily in their way to richer places in Northern Europe.Yet tourism will need labour-force and labour-force arrives.It might be possible to combine the two trends and obtain that this masses of immigrants, with their rich and wide heritage will find in Sicily a job as well as a multiracial society. THE ROAD PALERMO-AGRIGENTO will hopefully in the future become the site for a joyful route both for temporary visitors (tourists) and for long-term visitors (immigrants). THIS ROAD therefore symbolises Sicily as a border land, with two sides, like every island. It also is taken in the project as symbol of the two mass movementsThe four projects concentrates along this road, focusing on the terminal parts (Palermo and Agrigento):-they address the theme of mass tourism and immigration giving examples of residential mixed-use buildings in the cities;-the two historic centres of Palermo and Agrigento can therefore be revitalized by new buildings which accommodate these new workers and the tourists in a real historic settlement. The fiction of mass tourism hotels can so probably be avoided. The cities will therefore be real places where “temporary inhabitants” and “permanent inhabitants mix together” as in real lifeOld dated mediterranean multiraciality must become again a tool to plan our territory in the age of globalization – a phenomenon which brings cruelty as well as richness.
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