Seed morphology and seed coat structure in Mediterranean plants: implication for evolution, taxonomy and germinative performance

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A better understanding of morphological, ultra-structural and anatomical seed coat characteristics can contribute to explain and predict seed performance under certain environmental conditions and select the most suitable treatments promoting seed germination. The Seed Banks at the Botanic Gardens of Catania and Palermo (Sicily) are particularly involved in research studies aimed to detect and describe macro- and micro-morphological features of seeds from different plant families and genera, using both light and scanning electron microscopy. These studies mainly aim to 1) recognize and compare inter- and intra-specific variation of seed coat traits, with particular attention on rare and threatened species; 2) evaluate the usefulness of these traits in taxonomic and phylogenetic studies; 3) establish correlations between seed coat structures and seed germination; 4) understand the seed coat adaptive potential and sensitivity to particular ecological conditions and changing environments.
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