Security and Comfort in the School as a Primary Exigence for a Quality Service

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The italian school buildings are in a decay state both for the deficiencies in their maintenance and for the gaps in the governance and its organization.It is really important to behave towards methodologies which permit to economize and to give functionality to the whole maintenance and control process.The process of maintenance of the buildings is characterized by a connection between knowledge and intervention and the case of school buildings is emblematic and representative becouse of the intersting variety of constructive technologies used to build them in different historic periods.The audit, both constructive and energetic, is necessary to evaluate the effective situation in each building in order to plan the needed operations with the relevant priority.Then it is necessary to realize an improvable database accessible to all the stakeholders, administration, users and schools, to make more efficient the whole process.In this case, in Palermo, the failed control and ordinary maintenance inefficient have often required the renovation or the closure of the school for lack of funds, with the imaginable discomfort of the users.The paper relates about this methodology and its application in governance.The solution is to change the approach, to make it more efficient and functional for the administration and the users, in the prospective of a better quality of the service.
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