Schede per la flora ornamentale siciliana. 61-67

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With the aim to improve the knowledge of the ornamental flora of Sicily, a series of reports on the most rare and significant species found in the historic or public gardens and parks has been started since 2001. The plants taken in consideration are examined as far as taxonomy, geographical origin, biology, ecology are concerned, also taking into account their condition in Sicily with respect to introduction, sanitary status, occurrence, etc... Furthermore, germplasm conservation is, when possible, provided in the Botanical Garden of Palermo. Each taxon is treated in a single report. Here the reports 61-67, by F. Argento, M.R. Cucco, E. Di Gristina & R. Oliveri, are presented. These concern Araucaria bidwillii Hook., Araucaria cunninghamii Sweet, Cordia myxa L., Decaisnea fargesii Franch., Ficus benjamina L., Ficus elastica var. decora Guillaumin e Kleinia neriifolia Haw.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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