Sante, politica e percorsi devozionali nella Palermo medievale

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Medieval South Italy also in terms of holiness appears border area and manifest in one comparative perspective, its specificity. Melting pot of cultures, languages and religions, Palermo saw alternation, in the course of its history, powers and peoples who profoundly influenced not only on the urban structure but on the perception that the city had of itself. To characterize the success of some saints were the suggestion exercised from models of hermit holiness, an achieved holiness not with pastoral commitment but through loneliness and asceticism. It also goes underlined a substantial female presence, with a series of saints - Agata, Cristina, Lucia, Ninfa, Oliva, Orsola, Rosalia – representative of chastity and Christian perfection. By virtue, perhaps, of a path of city self-awareness in continuous becoming, between the Thirteenth and Fifteenth centuries Palermo made several attempts before choosing, in the Seventeenth century,his patroness, Rosalia.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteRosalia e le Altre: identità, memorie e simboli del sacro femminile
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