RNA mediated trans-Activation is a proposed mechanism involved in the setting of the epigenetic state of chromatin. It has been studied first in Drosophila melanogaster where it seems that at least some transcribed loci are marked as transcriptionally active by their own transcripts. This effect acts in trans and in some cases could give rise to a transgenerational paramutational-like effect.This work studies RNA mediated trans-activation in the light of one of its possible applications, specifically its use as a therapeutic strategy for the incurable and highly aggressive ATC (anaplastic thyroid cancer). We explore the possibility to reactivate the Thyroid specific NIS (Natrium-Iodine symport) via the expression of ncRNAs with sequence homology with transcripts from the NIS coding locus itself.This work suggests that RNA trans-activation is a conserved mechanism and it may be used in human to manipulate the gene expression.
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