Risultati di un test RFLP su ceppi vaccinali di Canine Distemper Virus in Italia

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    Canine Distemper (CD) is a highly contagious and multisystemic viral disease of domestic and wild carnivores. A published Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) test, based on the presence of a PsiI cleavage site on hemagglutinin (H) gene, allows a rapid differentiation of all currently used vaccine strains by virulent field strains. The present study describes the results of this test carried out on different CD vaccines available in Italy in 2010. RFLP has also revealed that the CD strain present in the Vanguard (Pfizer Animal Health) vaccine reacts as a wild-type strain. Moreover, genetic analysis of H gene sequence has showed that Vanguard vaccine strain does not cluster in the group of vaccine strains (America-1), as expected based on the product description provided by the manufacturer, but it is more closely related to wild-type strains of the America-2 group. However, this protocol shows significant advantages to identify CD wild-type strains.
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